For Counselors – How You Can Help

Please see this memo regarding our partnership with the GI Rights Hotline and the information we need when referring a military client.

When a GI needs medical and/or mental health services, such as evaluation, treatment, second opinions, letters of support, etc., a GI Rights Hotline counselor can submit a “Request for Services” and securely send us the GI’s contact information here. You can also email us at Please do not include any sensitive or personal information in an email – use the secure “Request for Services” form to transmit such information. CMRN will then locate a professional in the network who can work with the client, either in person or over the phone depending on the circumstances.

In the “Request for Services” form, please include the client’s name, email or phone number, and the following in the “case summary” section:

  1. a brief description of the problem(s) to be addressed;
  2. a statement about the urgency of response; and
  3. information about insurance and/or other financial resources that the client may have, if any (this information will help us arrange a suitable referral).

Please also be sure to give us a contact phone number and email address so we can get back to you or whoever is covering for you.