Services For Military Personnel

We help all military personnel.


The Civilian Medical Resources Network is here to help you. If you have medical or mental health needs not being met by the military’s system, we invite you to ask us for help. We have helped many people like yourself, and have professionals ready to help you.

Please call the GI Rights Hotline at 877.447.4487 and ask for a referral to the CMRN.

Are you in the military and:

-have physical or mental combat related injuries?

-face harassment by your chain of command or peers for seeking medical or mental health services?

-need medical or mental health services that the military will not provide?

-seek a medical discharge?

-are AWOL or UA because of mental health issues?

-need second opinions from non-military health professionals?

We can help! Our network of medical and mental health professionals have no affiliation with the military. Because we are civilians, we are able to put your needs ahead of the military’s. You have the right to seek health care outside the military. If you think you can use these services, please call the GI Rights Hotline and ask about the Civilian Medical Resources Network.